Update: It lives…!

Just wanted to post a little update, mainly because I have so many things I want to write about that I stop myself from even starting.

So this is a start.

The last years have been pretty sporadic in upkeep of the blog. Especially the last year, trying to manage being a stay-at-home dad, a freelancer, and a tiny bit bi-polar, has not been particularly easy. But now my son is starting kindergarden(AND NOW HIS UPBRINGING IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STATE! BWAHAHA! Ehhmmm… no), and so I hope that I can get organized enough to do more of my own projects and show them more regularly. Oh, and I want to write something about bi-polarity and being a parent, cuz`that`s… weird.

Last I wrote something longer, was about meeting Richard Stallman, and some thoughts about open-source. I`m still in the process of moving completely over to open-source, and it is going slow but well. Trying to find the right GNU/Linux for hardware with a lot of propriatary hardware is hard, but it`s getting more and more functional per day. I do all my art in GiMP now, on Ubuntu, and it`s getting second nature. Don`t really miss Photoshop at all, though I do envy people who use a lot newer versions of Photoshop than I did. It looks sexy. Oh well, GiMP will get there in time. Need to do a write up about my first GNU/Linux experiences and start some more diverse installations to find what works best for me.

Projects wise… I`m hoping to restart Free Art Fridays, because that is a good project. I`m hoping to restart Space Monkey, because that is fun. I have no idea whether I will be able to. I want to restart the Wednesday Lies, because I still have things to bitch about. I don`t know if I will be able to do any of it, but keeping fingers crossed for the next few weeks. I need to start the follow up to Pickman`s Model, but am still far from ready. Most likely, the next Lovecraft adaption will feature a lot of New England architecture, at least. And I might do some smaller Lovecraft-stuff before that. And I need to get back to promoting Pickman`s Model, because it still hasn`t really reached the audience I believe exists for it.

I`m spending way too much time on the message forums for the Shadow of the Eternals game, which is doing a Kickstarter right now. I want to blog about that as well, because I`m geeking out and having fun, but the Kickstarter is going… too slow. So maybe it won`t get funded, which would be a crying shame. And I want to blog about that. Will probably be my next blogpost, as time is of the essence.

Anyhow… This was supposed to be a short blogpost, to get me back in spirit. So long for short!






10 August, 2013

2 thoughts on “Update: It lives…!

  1. Hey, listened to the last LIA cast where you talked about open source and releasing IP’s to the general public. Was quite interesting.

    I’m using Ubuntu and GIMP exclusively as well. For GIMP it was mostly due to the switch from Windows and my version of PS was running a bit unstable under Wine at that time but thanks to GIMP’s customization abilities I could develop a new workflow that I liked better.

  2. Thanks you! Glad to hear someone found it interesting.

    I don`t use Ubuntu exclusively yet. I still have a Windows 7 and an Os X installation, but more and more I`m only using them for special tasks.

    Haven`t had time to really customize GiMP yet, but going to dive into it as soon as possible. :)

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