So, another LAAAAAAAATE post… In june, last year, I was invited by Einherjer to come draw them in Haugesund when they played their über special Berzerkergang-concert, backed by brass, choir, strings, and piano. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thingamabob, I decided to try and do something special for the show. So the kind souls of Einherjer […]

Infernal art, parto quatro! El finalissimo!

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuckityfuck! Is it March already??? Did I really leave this post half-finished for over 6 months? Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re a chronic fuck-up. Anyhow… Here’s the final impressions from last years Inferno Festival, just in time for this years Inferno Festival… The final evening started started with Ancient […]

Infernal Art, part trés…

Let’s get back to where we were before this whole Pickman’s Model awesomeness, eh? So, I was drawing the Inferno Metal Festival… By the third day I started really noticing that I needed to pace myself. This time we left the exhibit area early so that I´d make the concerts in time, yet ended up […]

Infernal art, part deux!

Day two started in kaos, under-estimating how long we needed to get from the exhibit to eat dinner to get to the show, and then finding out that none of the security at Rockefeller knew anything about me coming to draw. Luckilly, they were among the friendliest and most helpful security I’ve ever had the […]

Infernal art, part Uno…

So… Better late then never. I contacted Inferno Metal Festival about a month before happened, and asked them if they would let me come draw the concerts. Thrilled, they were, and even offered me to do an exhibit. And then something went wrong, and they stopped answering my mail. Figuring out that it’s easier to […]