Some fandom updates from Shadow of the Eternals..

My oh my what a fancy title.

Anyhow… short story: I`m a huge fan of the game Eternal Darkness: Sanity`s Requiem from Nintendo and Silicon Knights. As a story-driven horror game, it distinguished itself with very different gameplay, a genuinely intruiging story spanning multiple characters and millennium, and a sanity-system that made you disbelieve your own eyes when the characters witnessed too much horrible shit. It`s absolutely the best Lovecraftian game ever, without being directly Lovecraftian.

Now there is a kickstarter for a spiritual sequel, from some of the original developers. Even more excitingly, it is being developed in collaboration with their community. And guess what? I`m having a hell of a time geeking out in their forums(And SECRET FORUMS!!!) pitching enemy-designs and debating Lovecraft. I`ve made a tumblr-post with most of the stuff I`ve drawn, but there`s also some fan-art and stuff in the forums.

And, I`ve also been a guest both on the official developer podcast and the fanmade podcast. So check out both if interested.

And there`s been a trailer focusing on the community created content, featuring some of my pieces. So check it all out, why don`tcha?

Anyhow… I want to write a bit more about why I`m supporting this, and using waaaay too much time on it, but… I wanted to get all the podcasts and trailers and such out of the way first. So expect a more personal follow-up blog soon`ish.

There`s only 7 days left of the Kickstarter, and A LONG LONG WAY TO GO, so head over there and see if it`s something your interested in, either as a player or as a community-member. It`s pretty great.



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