So faaaar behind…

Original sketch is for sale for 200$. Size 21cm X 29,7cm. To buy, send e-mails to DenUngeHerrHolm (at)

I’ve been having a slow and hard year last year. Who wudda thunk being slightly bi-polar and having a kid would be a tough mix, huh? Go figure.

I did manage to draw a few awesome concerts though, and am finally starting to upload them. Yes, things are easier now. So I’m starting with the amazing Purified in Blood and Kvelertak from last April. Whenever I draw concerts, I try to catch every band, big or small. This time I missed the opener, Truckfighters. I simply didn’t arrive in time. Too bad. But the rest of the evening was a blast. Both Purified and Kvelertak are among the best live acts in Norway, and they were both excellent.

Check out the images of Purified in Blood and of Kvelertak at my newly redesigned gallery. The originals are for sale, and you can also order prints.  The quality of the prints is really high, and I’ve tried to set the prices as reasonable as possible. If you see something you like, consider purchasing it in some form. Doing these sketches is not a goldmine in any way, shape, or form, and every penny helps me continue.

Anyhow… In the upcoming weeks, I will try to update the gallery with all the remaining concert-sketches. This includes names like Satyricon, Six Feet Under, Decapitated, and of course my catches from Blastfest(Some of which you can see here).

Lastly…  I’m continuing to update the site. Hopefully functionality will be better in the end. Sorry for the uglyness and broken links now.



15 March, 2014

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