Register for 30 classes in 30 days, NOW!

Quickly! ’tis about to expire!

What is, you ask?

The earlybird registration discount for the fabulous 30 Classes in 30 Days at

WHAT, you still ask???

Well, is the new project from criminal mastermind Jerzy Drozd(Criminally nice, that is) and the hacktastic Rob Stenzinger; so that’s 3 Z’s in to deans!

WHAT, DAMM’IT, you shout!

Yes, I’m coming to that! Patience is worn shoe, you know.

Awww, gawd-damm’it, Kim, GET TO THE POINT!

Yes, point being, is a place to learn stuff and teach stuff, and I have full faith that it will be an amazing project. Jerzy is a great artist and teacher, which you should know from the late great Art&Story podcast, and Rob is the perfect partner for a project like this.

Starting off a project like this is insane. Starting it off with 30 classes in 30 days is… well… more insane. But they will pull it off. And that’s why I’ll be doing at least 2 classes for them in November, one on improvisation, and one on making digital art seem organic. So if this is your kind of thingamabob, register today to get a discounted price.

For more details, go to

Yes, this has been a blatant advertisement, but I believe in this project.

Sales-pitch over.





23 September, 2011

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