Pickman’s Model is two weeks old…

After three and a half years in the making, Pickman’s Model just released a few days ago. This Lovecraft adaption is the single biggest thing I’ve ever worked on, and the thing I’m most happy about so far. I think it’s pretty great.

Anyhow… thought I’d be forthcoming with some facts and opinions about how these two weeks have gone.

– The early reviews are astonishing. Most people so far has loved the book. How long can it keep up? I have no idea. This is not a book meant to be loved by everyone, so I’m sure there’ll come some hate after a while. Right now the only complaint is a few voices calling it monotonous, which it is, and accusing it of having a slow start, which it has. But more voices have called it a “page-turner” and stuff like that, which I didn’t expect at all. I’ve sent out around 40-50 review-copies so far, and press-releases, but I started a bit late so not everyone has gotten it yet. Seems like the most of the review copies I’ve sent out so far are starting to arrive. More reviews coming up, hopefully.

– The little audience reaction is even greater. A few commenting that it’s a hard read, as should be, and a few saying that they originally planned to just have a look and then ending up reading it in one sitting. Again, I did not expect that. Especially not from people unfamilliar with Lovecraft.

– The spread of the book is really off to a weak start. I’m sure I’m doing a lot wrong, and there’s always trouble here and there, but so far it’s gotten 6 sales at Indyplanet, 96 downloads at archive.org, and as far as I know slow sales at the two stores that currently carry it. The only place it hasn’t sold slow, is through me personally, where I’ve sold out 70 copies in no time through the release party and the Raptus Festival. I have no number on how much it has been read online.  All in all, it’s weaker than I hoped for. I’m sure there a lot I can fix, and I knew this was going to be a long and gruelling process. One thing I did wrong, for instance, was to not update my blogs until two weeks after release. Bah!

Going forward I need to actively seek out bigger and bigger places to get it reviewed, and featured. And I need to figure out ways to get it in other online stores than Indyplanet. And I need to really have a more active presence around my blogs, my freecomics.no site, and my twitter, tumblr and facebook, so that I don’t end up sounding like a salesman(Which I have the last weeks).

I don’t know what this post is. I don’t really mean to complain, nor to gloat, I just wanted to share the experiences so far, and see if it helps me figure out the road forwards. It’s gonna be a loooong journey.



13 September, 2012

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