Pickman’s Metal Mania! Absurd prices!

No, yes, well…

I´ve been doing a few small publications. Limitted editions, as they say. First..

Buy Hole in the Sky Memories 2010 from Robotbutikken for approximately 35$. Yes!

For the very last edition of the legendary Hole in the Sky Metal Festival, I did a small book of the concert-art from HitS 2010. This is just a litte book documenting a few thoughts of how I started doing live metal art, and having all the images from the very first festival I drew. Is it an essential release? No, but it´s a limitted print of 66 copies, signed and numbered, and it´s something I´ll never reprint or release in it´s entirety again. Of course, all the art is available for free anyhow, so it´s more of historical and collectors value than anything else. BUT… If I sell them out I will do one for HitS 2011 as well.

Buy Pickman's Model first draft from Robotbutikken for approximately 52$ Indeed!

Also.. I´m finished with the short-version of Pickman’s Model. It´s going to get printed as a 16-page version for the new anthology Dark Mischief, which you can support through Kickstarter, and I also prepared an awesome little xeroxed 18-page fanzine with hand-spattered cover in 33 signed and numbered copies. Again, is it an essential release? No, but if you´re impatient it will be the only version available until November, and I will never again print this very 18-page version. Are the 2 extra pages something special? No, they´re black with text on. But it´s still a cool little fanzine.

And yeah… I´m selling these at pretty ridiculous prices. But it´s not like any of these projects are earning me any sort of money at this point, and all the important stuff is or will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution license, so you can get it free or even earn money on it yourself if you want. So I feel the price is justified. This is exclusive shit. It should cost.




03 October, 2011

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