Free Comics is live! is finally up and running! It is basically centred around getting a single place where you can read my stuff online, get info, and download and buy stuff. I’m no CSS-wizard, nor even an adept, just a total and complete noob. So it’s not the prettiest site, and ther’s some bugs, but hopefully it’s […]

Pickman’s Model is here… and silly!

In a bit of news… It’s been announced on Twitter. It’s been announced on Facebook. It’s been announced on my Norwegian blog. It’s even got it’s own release party in Bergen! And now, finally, it’s announced here: Pickman’s Model will be released the 30th of August! 112 pages, black and white, at the modest price […]

Infernal art, part deux!

Day two started in kaos, under-estimating how long we needed to get from the exhibit to eat dinner to get to the show, and then finding out that none of the security at Rockefeller knew anything about me coming to draw. Luckilly, they were among the friendliest and most helpful security I’ve ever had the […]

Infernal art, part Uno…

So… Better late then never. I contacted Inferno Metal Festival about a month before happened, and asked them if they would let me come draw the concerts. Thrilled, they were, and even offered me to do an exhibit. And then something went wrong, and they stopped answering my mail. Figuring out that it’s easier to […]

Ancient INKtober….

I so do want to join in on Inktober since I learned about it a few days ago, but time hasn´t permitted it yet. Too much boring work around the house to do. But luckilly one of the things I´ve done is go through old crates and boxes of artwork, and I´ve found a few […]

Pickman’s Metal Mania! Absurd prices!

No, yes, well… I´ve been doing a few small publications. Limitted editions, as they say. First.. For the very last edition of the legendary Hole in the Sky Metal Festival, I did a small book of the concert-art from HitS 2010. This is just a litte book documenting a few thoughts of how I started […]

Register for 30 classes in 30 days, NOW!

Quickly! ’tis about to expire! What is, you ask? The earlybird registration discount for the fabulous 30 Classes in 30 Days at WHAT, you still ask??? Well, is the new project from criminal mastermind Jerzy Drozd(Criminally nice, that is) and the hacktastic Rob Stenzinger; so that’s 3 Z’s in to deans! WHAT, DAMM’IT, […]

Exhibit? Waz´dat´bout???

I´m going to be exhibiting 3 artworks from a single page of my Lovecraft adaption at the Chelsea River Gallery in Michigan. The exhibit opens this Saturday, the 28th of May. As I´ve just written an honestly pretentious artist statement describing what I want out of my art, my Lovecraft, and the specific exhibit, I […]