No freedom for 2 weeks…

Sorry buddies, but there´ll be no Free Art Friday today or the next why.

Why? WHY? WHY, you ask?

Because today I´ll be leaving for Krusedull Comics Festival in Harstad as a guest, the next weekend I´ll be at Oslo Comics Expo selling some art and hanging out. So fun for me, but also a lot of work, and no chance to live-stream anything.

But… If you´re in Michigan, why not check out the Comics Jam exhibit at the Chelsea River Gallery in Chelsea, MI.

I ´ll have three images from my upcoming Pickman´s Model adaptation on display. And speaking of Lovecraft adaptations, why not follow Mark Rudolph´s Tumblr where he displays images in rapid succession from his forthcoming version of Dagon? I´ve used over 2 years on my Lovecraft, and that bastard churns his out it under 2 months! But it does look lovely!



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