Infernal art, parto quatro! El finalissimo!

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuckityfuck! Is it March already???

Did I really leave this post half-finished for over 6 months? Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re a chronic fuck-up.

Anyhow… Here’s the final impressions from last years Inferno Festival, just in time for this years Inferno Festival

The final evening started started with Ancient VVisdom, and I really don’t have much to tell. Where I sat, right by the right-hand speakers, the sound was truly crap and I just heard someone strumming their accoustic guitar at an uncomfortable volume. Whether or not the music would have worked for me, artistically, under ideal circumstances is debatable. Very little music without double-bass drums seem to trigger the best art for me. But… Other people have told me Ancient VVisdom was one of the highlights of the festival, and the sound in the room was excellent. So… boo-hoo for me. I drew one piece, and fled the scene.

Next up was Einherjer, who I had already drawn once and whom I also were in talks with about drawing something special… but more on that special thing in a later too-late blogpost… Anyhow… Einherjers set started with thier guitarist fumbling all through the first song to get any sound at all, and me hurrying to get it down in ink. But the band kept playing and I got the silly shot as seen above. I love seeing Einherjer live, and the rest of the set was flawless. Also I got some nice sketches.

I had to pace myself and some of the bands at the John Dee stage, so next up were technical death-metallers Decapitated. And holy fuck! I love drawing something that’s just fast, wild, full of rapid changes, and awesomeness abound! Personally, probably my highlight. I love the images, I loved drawing them, yeesh, I get all giddy just thinking about it. This is what this art-thingie is all about! As I probably mentioned before, it is not that I listen so much to technical death-metal or death-metal at all. I tend to prefer more atmospheric music. But drawing it is just pure heaven. And not since Suffocation at Hole in the Sky 2010 had I gotten a bigger, better piece of heaven! Thanks, Decapitated!

Witchery‘s bassist for the evening, Victor Brandt of Entombed and Totalt Jævla Mörker, has the best hair to draw. And he’s a bloody good presence on the stage. Apart from that, poor light-conditions and general weariness made this concert a bit hard for me to draw. I actually didn’t even notice that the vocalist was wearing some sort of sci-fi’ish armor until after the concert. The music seemed fine, but I was tired…

I had promised to draw One Tail One Head but was not really looking forward to it. By this time of the evening and week, I was just too damned exhausted and my head was pounding. I tried to drown it all in beer, but nothing seemed to work. And then the music began, and… well, another highlight for me. Somehow the music energized me, and the awfull light-conditions combined with excessive amounts of blood on all the band-members, combined to make some incredibly rapid, raw, and vicious pieces that I totally love.

Last but not least was Arcturus. Like a lot of people, I had listened to them for a little while, fascinated by their excess, and then fallen completely off. I had originally planned to skip drawing them, but a tall guy side-stage at one of the other concerts had asked if I was going to draw his band and they turned out to be Arcturus. Anyhow… It started with the guards clearing the photopit for photographers. I was not a photographer. I was not cleared off. I put my sketch-book about half a metre from a strange little box with wires. The band started. I started drawing. Then… BOOOM! Pyro-effects pouring out right beside me! I got a little scared, and a little hot. Then the photographers came back. So… anyhow… Arcturus was a fantastic end to a fantastic festival. All my doubts were cast aside, and I tried to capture their circus-madness in all the colours of my limitted palette…. The result? Well, perhaps not very best drawings of the festival, but I had a blast, felt a blast, and… well, Live to tell the tale!

Time to end this shit… Inferno Festival was fucking awesome. Will I be back? Yes, it seems so. See you there.

The end.



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