Infernal art, part Uno…

Photo by Kenneth Solfjeld.

So… Better late then never.

I contacted Inferno Metal Festival about a month before happened, and asked them if they would let me come draw the concerts. Thrilled, they were, and even offered me to do an exhibit. And then something went wrong, and they stopped answering my mail.

Figuring out that it’s easier to get forgiveness than approval (As an old Norwegian saying goes, IN RHYME) I decided to pack my bags and take my family to Inferno without actually being 100% sure if I’d be let in. Luckilly for me, there was just some mix up, and some sick-leave, and well… I got in! We got in!

Setting up a improvised little exhibit of my artwork for Solstafirs Svartir Sandar, we barely had time to grab some dinner and drop my little hellspawn of at a babysitter before running off to Victoria for the first evening of… something.

The first question for the evening was whether I’d go draw a bunch of bands from Bergen that I had already drawn a handful of times, or go draw some names I hadn’t heard of, and Earth. Having listened to a bit of Earth in the nineties, I choose the latter and headed for Victoria.

Ô Paon was a pretty unexpected start to my extreme metal festival. Just one slightly emo girl bare feet, a guitar, and loads of effect-boxes. But the loops were trancelike, as in trancedental, and the voice had enough despair, and the noise… the sweet noise. Even though it was far from any double-bass blast beats, it had all the elements that got my brush going.

Mount Eerie followed in the mix of mellowness and noise, but with a much more traditional singer/songwriter backbone. And with wordy lyrics with big words it was not exactly my cup of tea, at least not that night. Although I the images came out fine, and many, it didn´t set my brush on fire like the way too short Ô Paon set had.

Having not really paid Earth the attention they deserve since the nineties, I was set back by the extremely blues/rockyness of the new Earth, but very soon I got caught by their oh so slow grooves. Sort of like a bluesier Killdozer with no vocals. And I do love it slow. And the noise was just the right amount that this headliner became the absolute high-point of the evening for me, both artistically and musically.

Finally we rushed off to see if we could catch some proper death metal and managed to catch the last few songs of Execration. There was absolutely no room in the tiny venue, but we bulldozed our way through to a tiny window where I could balance on a bench wooden rail(Which I may or may not have broken), and see the band from the side. Being clothed for the cold evening, and without room or time to undress a little, sweat was dripping. Oh, and I managed to cut my finger on some staples on my drawing board. So while the usual drawings take metaphorical sweat and blood, these actually took actual sweat and blood. I can’t remember much of the music, except loving it and that I drew faster than ever. So… that’s the way to end the first day. Hey!

Check out the full gallery here.

Day two will be out… Ummm… hopefully sooner than in four months.




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