Infernal art, part deux!

Drawing 1349 at Rockefeller…

Day two started in kaos, under-estimating how long we needed to get from the exhibit to eat dinner to get to the show, and then finding out that none of the security at Rockefeller knew anything about me coming to draw. Luckilly, they were among the friendliest and most helpful security I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and we soon got it all figured out. Or most all… I got an excellent spot to draw the big Rockefeller stage, but choose to skip drawing anything on the smaller John Dee stage that day in order to save myself further troubles and just get down to business. And business it was…

I’ve only seen Anaal Nathrakh live before, never really listened to them, but they impressed me when they played Hole in the Sky years ago and impressed me more at Inferno. Excellent show. Unluckilly, I was still sorting out how to best draw the stage, and had choosen to sit in the DJ booth. The view was a bit far, and a bit difficult, so the art suffered a bit. Still a good start for the day.

1349 has been a favorite for a long time, and finally getting to see and draw them live was amazing. Very tight performers, very visual show, and fucking awesome spitfire doublebass drums. One of the highlights both artistically and musically, indeed. And a mere month later, I got to draw them again at Hulen, Bergen, and the art turned out even better.

I saw nearly missed Triptykon at Hole in the Sky earlier, just getting the last song or two, and was really looking forward to seeing a whole set. For me, this was the concert of the evening. But artistically… I’m not sure I managed to capture the essence. I do love one or two of the pieces, but would like to have the chance to draw them again and see if I can make the art feel more… Triptykon’ish.

By all the sing-a-long and audience ecstacy, it wasn’t hard to figure out why Borknagar were the headliner for day one. For me, however, I guess I was just too tired and beaten. I was soon seeing double, and had to go before the concert ended, pounding headache, but a satisfied smile on my ink-spattered face.

See all the art, download hi-res versions for free use, and buy prints here!

Day three coming soon… ish. Fingers crossed. Lazy begone!



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