Free Comics is live! is finally up and running! It is basically centred around getting a single place where you can read my stuff online, get info, and download and buy stuff.

I’m no CSS-wizard, nor even an adept, just a total and complete noob. So it’s not the prettiest site, and ther’s some bugs, but hopefully it’s usefull. Any and all feedback appreciated.

I will be looking to expand the site as soon as I can get funding for it, through any channels including my own pocket.

Right now there’s a few old comics, some of my smugmug galleries, and the press release about Pickman’s Model on the site. And if you dig deeper, there’s a longer piece about making Pickman’s Model, that I accidentalyl wrote.


Anyhow… Go forth to and see if you like it.



24 August, 2012

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