Descending into Inferno…


Last year I went to the Inferno Metal Festival Norway to draw some concerts. You can see the results here, and even read about them on this very blog.

Now Oslo is a true hell on earth, and not in the positive metal sense, but still it seems to have managed to lure me back this year.

Not only that, but I will have a brand new book with all of lasts years art. And let me tell you… It looks like shit. No, it doesn’t. It actually looks spectacular. 76 hi-quality prints, on good paper-stock, single sided prints so you can tear ‘em out and hang ‘em high. Printed in a limited edition of 66 copies. Have a look!

2013-03-20 10.20.41

My new book, as of yet unbound.

Oh, and I’m not finished yet! I will have an exhibition of last years art at Bushwick’s under Rockefeller, together with photographer Stig Pallesen. Check out the Facebook-event here! 

And all my new art will be exhibited daily at Rockefeller.

AND… Pickman’s Model and the artbook will be for sale at the festival.

Not going to Inferno? Shame on you! You can still come and say hello to me at Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania each day between 14:00  and 16:00, when I will be selling books, art, and drawing sketches.

Me? I’m looking forward to drawing a whole lot of hell. Let’s see how it goes.

Come, come, into the coven…




22 March, 2013

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