Update: It lives…!


Just wanted to post a little update, mainly because I have so many things I want to write about that I stop myself from even starting. So this is a start. The last years have been pretty sporadic in upkeep of the blog. Especially the last year, trying to manage being a stay-at-home dad, a […]

Descending into Inferno…

Last year I went to the Inferno Metal Festival Norway to draw some concerts. You can see the results here, and even read about them on this very blog. Now Oslo is a true hell on earth, and not in the positive metal sense, but still it seems to have managed to lure me back […]


So, another LAAAAAAAATE post… In june, last year, I was invited by Einherjer to come draw them in Haugesund when they played their über special Berzerkergang-concert, backed by brass, choir, strings, and piano. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thingamabob, I decided to try and do something special for the show. So the kind souls of Einherjer […]

Infernal art, parto quatro! El finalissimo!

Oh, fuck, fuck, fuckityfuck! Is it March already??? Did I really leave this post half-finished for over 6 months? Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re a chronic fuck-up. Anyhow… Here’s the final impressions from last years Inferno Festival, just in time for this years Inferno Festival… The final evening started started with Ancient […]

Halloween madness!

My new book, the adaption of H.P. Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model, is for sale ALL october at indyplanet for only $5.99! That’s pretty damned cheap, I say. And, the new indyplanet site now has a reviews-function. So please, if you already own Pickman’s Model or have read it online, do leave a review! OK. That’s it! […]

Infernal Art, part trés…

Let’s get back to where we were before this whole Pickman’s Model awesomeness, eh? So, I was drawing the Inferno Metal Festival… By the third day I started really noticing that I needed to pace myself. This time we left the exhibit area early so that I´d make the concerts in time, yet ended up […]

Ancient INKtober….

I so do want to join in on Inktober since I learned about it a few days ago, but time hasn´t permitted it yet. Too much boring work around the house to do. But luckilly one of the things I´ve done is go through old crates and boxes of artwork, and I´ve found a few […]

Pickman’s Metal Mania! Absurd prices!

No, yes, well… I´ve been doing a few small publications. Limitted editions, as they say. First.. For the very last edition of the legendary Hole in the Sky Metal Festival, I did a small book of the concert-art from HitS 2010. This is just a litte book documenting a few thoughts of how I started […]