So, another LAAAAAAAATE post…

In june, last year, I was invited by Einherjer to come draw them in Haugesund when they played their über special Berzerkergang-concert, backed by brass, choir, strings, and piano. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thingamabob, I decided to try and do something special for the show. So the kind souls of Einherjer sent me their music and the set-list, and I started familiarizing myself with the songs and lyrics. Here’s a few photos from the journey, and a link to the gallery where you can buy amazing hi-quality prints.


Of course, I didn’t start sketching anything until actually on the bus towards Haugesund. But at that point I knew the songs and lyrics well enough that I could try to pace out a plan for what to draw at the concert(Ca. 2 songs per drawing), and sketch some elements from the lyrics to incorporate.


Taking the ferry allowed me to do some color-tests while sitting alone on deck in the wind. I have no idea why people would sit inside on a ferry in june, unless it’s pouring down. I didn’t even loose a single drawing to the wind.


I arrived while Einherjer was doing their final soundtest, and check the pyros. In the darkness, you can see my sketchbook, drawing the guitar neck and heads, simply because that would be one less thing to worry about during the concert.


Here’s a pretty satisfied bunch of people. Einherjer actually bought the whole batch of sketches, so sorry, no originals for sale. ;)

The whole evening was a blast, and one of the most joyous concerts I’ve ever witnessed. A lot of the Einherjer records have great songs laden with more than a few cheap synths. Not my favorite sound in the world. But these same songs back with choir, strings, brass, piano, and plain awesomeness… well, that was just pain awesomeness. Highlights for me were Regicide, which I love on record and ADORE live, and a very hard version of Odin Owns Ye All(Which I have to admit I didn’t really understand on record before I heard it live). Artistically, I think it’s one of my better nights, with generally high-quality on most of the sketches. There’s actually not a single one of them I’m dissatisfied with, and that NEVER happens.
In the end Einherjer actually played a REAL encore, not a planned one. And seeing a band being so overjoyed that they play a song they haven’t played in a long while AND PROBABLY SHOUDN’T PLAY WITHOUT REHEARSING… That was just a perfect end to a perfect night.
As an endnote, I woke up with a pretty bad hangover and felt sorry for myself. Then I sat down on the bus next to a man with a worse hangover. And hearing about how he had broken up with his girlfriend, lost his phone and money, slept in a ditch, then arrested for being drunken and disorderly… Well, that put things in perspective and made me feel pretty much like the luckiest man in the world.



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