Ancient INKtober….

I so do want to join in on Inktober since I learned about it a few days ago, but time hasn´t permitted it yet. Too much boring work around the house to do. But luckilly one of the things I´ve done is go through old crates and boxes of artwork, and I´ve found a few more old ink-sketches. I think I started doing this type of ink-sketches actively in 2001 or 2002, trying to learn how to do varied backgrounds directly with ink. It peaked syummer 2002 when I tried to make a living drawing and selling these on the street. And it went resonably well.

Anyhow… Strange how these bring up specific memories that I thought were long gone. For now, this is all I have for this gallery, so I thought I´d share it here. As a start for my INKtober.



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