About Kim Holm

Kim Holm(born 3rd of July, 1980) is a cartoonist from Bergen, Norway. Kim doesn´t like writing about himself in the 3rd person, so I´ll stop now.

I started self-publishing comics when I was 15, and never really stopped(Even though productivity was down some years). In 2004 I started getting regular paid work for Norwegian magazines. Around that time I was formulating by great masterplan, which is simply to use my art for political purposes by producing commercial work of a high quality and releasing it without the shackles of copyright. And thus doing my part to spread anarchy.

This masterplan took a while before going into effect, but I´m slowly getting there.

Apart from my genre-comics, I´ve also been dabbling in more personal comics since I was 16 or so, living out the young cartoonists cliché and documenting my horribly bi-polar misery in brightly-colored ´toons.

I get my inspiration from everything from B-movies to contemporary art, but… Mostly from Satan. And child sacrifice. Of course.

When I don´t draw comics with the blood of innocents, I like to walk around with sun-glasses and look moody. Or just confused.

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  1. I have a discussion forum for H.P. Lovecraft where people can talk about their Lovecraft projects with the community. Would love it if you’d stop by and talk about your Pickman’s Model project (;,;)

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