Updating site…

Updating site. Nothing revolutionary. But hopefully going to be easier to use for me and anyone reading. Expect some problems. Sorry. Actually, updating all my sites, so that’s the blogs, the smugmug gallery, freecomics.no.

In Defence of Lovecraft.

* This is a reply to author Nick Mamatas essay “The Real Mr. Difficult, or Why Cthulhu Threatens to Destroy the Canon, Self-Interested Literary Essayists, and the Universe Itself. Finally.”. Not really contradicting anything, just adding to it. Read it here: http://lareviewofbooks.org/essay/real-mr-difficult-cthulhu-threatens-destroy-canon-self-interested-literary-essayists-universe-finally# ** “In Defence of Lovecraft” is a play on Lovecraft’s own letter/essay “In […]

I’m on Patreon! Why?

So I decided to start my own Patreon campaign, the crowdfunding site where you can get regular support, instead of a one-time sum of to a single project. I believe that crowdfunding is a very important part of financing culture in the future. As the copyright-industries claw on to the fragments of their existence, their […]

15 Charges of Utter Sillyness…

buy When the nations whole comics-industry is focused on making 3-panel comic-strips for the funny-pages, finding a way to satisfy your call to do longform genre-comics can be rather hard. When I started working freelance for the Norwegian Nemi Magazine in 2005, it was a hard fit but I tried to develop a style of […]

Industrial Teenage Angst


Recently, while going through boxes in my cellar, I found old cassette tapes from 1996 of my teenage foray into being an industrial metal star(if only a star in my head, since only a handful of people ever heard my songs). To describe how long ago this was: When I made these, it was natural […]

The importance of Lovecraft’s “Memory”

Buy "Memory".

Previously, I wrote a bit about how I illustrated H.P. Lovecraft’s short tale “Memory”. This time around I’ll write about why, which is always more interesting. Throughout his relatively short writing career Lovecraft wrote a handful mini-stories, flash-fictions, or prose-poems as they are called. These stories, between half a page and one and a half […]

Site updated

2014-07-04 22.34.59

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I’ve updated this site. New lay out. Less fuss. Hope you like it. Hope this means I’ll blog a bit more again. There’s a ton of things that won’t be 100% yet, some thing I know, other I don’t. If you find anything buggy, let me know. […]

So faaaar behind…

I’ve been having a slow and hard year last year. Who wudda thunk being slightly bi-polar and having a kid would be a tough mix, huh? Go figure. I did manage to draw a few awesome concerts though, and am finally starting to upload them. Yes, things are easier now. So I’m starting with the […]

Some fandom updates from Shadow of the Eternals..


My oh my what a fancy title. Anyhow… short story: I`m a huge fan of the game Eternal Darkness: Sanity`s Requiem from Nintendo and Silicon Knights. As a story-driven horror game, it distinguished itself with very different gameplay, a genuinely intruiging story spanning multiple characters and millennium, and a sanity-system that made you disbelieve your […]